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Sonos Roam 2 is coming soon: 7 features we want

Key Takeaways

  • Fans, including me, are hoping for effective tweaks to portability hiccups, such as improved Bluetooth connectivity on Sonos Roam 2.
  • The original top-side panel with protruding touch keys will likely be replaced with touch-sensitive top-panel keys.
  • A new app for Sonos portable speakers is expected, which also raises questions about a rumored concurrent headphone launch.

If my beach bag from last summer had a checklist, my Sonos Roam portable speaker would be scribbled on the top every time. It was the perfect fit that scored all my summer memories: smaller than my water bottle and slim in its triangular shape, light at under a pound, durable, dust- and waterproof. It comes with great anticipation that Sonos is releasing their follow-up to their most versatile speaker, the Sonos Roam 2, this June.

Sonos Roam

It pairs with your current Sonos setup or you can take it with you anywhere.

It is anticipated that the Roam 2 will support all the usual Sonos smart offerings like Bluetooth and AirPlay 2, but I couldn’t help from wondering what the biggest updates for Sonos smallest portable speakers will be? Along with improved sound, a rather obvious wishlist item with each iteration, here are my hopes for the Sonos Roam 2 this summer.


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1 Glitch-free Bluetooth connectivity

Sonos reportedly tweaked the hardware for their Roam 2

Sonos Roam outdoor


Besides being a great addition to your Sonos home speaker system, the fun part about the Roam is that you can roam with it, even making our list of the best portable speakers you can buy. You can easily move it with you from your downstairs shower to the kitchen or an outside patio BBQ. However, when using the Roam at home, as a great “go-anywhere” speaker, you can’t go too far out of reach of your home Wi-Fi as it tends to drop out.


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The switch between Wi-Fi and Bluetooth at home seems to be far from seamless for some. With rearranged Sonos Roam 2 hardware, Bluetooth issues will hopefully be resolved, including the frustrating task of pairing your Sonos Roam to your iPhone or iPod when returning home.

2 A streamlined control panel

Reintroducing touch-sensitive top-side keys are expected

Pressing the Play/Pause button on a Sonos Roam speaker.

According to Mark Gurman in his recent Power On newsletter on Bloomberg, the top-side panel protruding touch keys will likely fall away to feature a smooth interface we’re familiar with on the portable Sonos Move 2 and other parts of the Sonos system like the bookshelf E100 speakers and E300 spatial audio speaker. The reason for protruding keys on the original Sonos Roam was to avoid accidental presses. However, as a planned decision to convert to a flat touch panel, this concern is likely to be covered.

3 App-first functionality

This could be one of the first controlled by a new app

Sonos Roam with iphone in hand for app


Currently, the Roam is supported by the Sonos S2 app for iOS or Android. However, if the Sonos product roadmap for 2024 is on schedule, a new app specifically tailored towards Sonos portable speakers is set to launch in June. So far, two devices are tipped to be supported by the app, including the Roam 2 and Sonos’ long-anticipated, high-end headphones. Many enthusiasts anticipate that the brand’s first headphones, which are positioned to be an Apple AirPods Max rival, will launch in conjunction with the Roam 2.

4 Battery life extension

Likely considering the original’s battery bricking issues

Sonos S2 app update brings battery saver mode for Roam and Move plus more photo 1


Like most smart tech first-generation launches, the original Sonos Roam also left room for improvement on its battery life, which was not exactly class leading. Many fans, including me, are weary of the Roam’s complete battery drain, which pops up at around the thirteen-month mark, rendering the device completely unusable. As the Sonos Roam’s battery is a sealed unit, unlike the Sonos Move/Move 2, batteries are not sold separately by Sonos. The only option is to have a battery replacement if under warranty. Judging by the upgrades made when Sonos refreshed the Move to the Move 2, we are likely to have this key upgraded in the second generation.

On average, a charge on the original Roam lasts around 9 to 10 hours with an S2 app update, which is fantastic for a speaker, but an extended battery, although not needed, is always welcome.

5 Standard-issue wireless charger

We hope charging will be as easy as a snap with a magnetic wireless charger

Sonos Roam with Qi charger


Come rain or shine, I’m always out the door in a hurry. With a bag, my water bottle, keys, phone and earphones to grab, unplugging my portable Roam from its standard USB-C charger makes it more likely that I will leave it at home. Last summer, I invested $49 on a separate wireless charger accessory for my Sonos Roam for exactly these grab-and-go moments.


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Plus, it extended the speaker’s form and enabled charging without increasing its footprint. With an already wireless Qi-compatable charger available, we expect the Sonos Roam 2 to be untethered from the get-go.

6 Phone call capabilities

With most portable speakers allowing phone calls, Sonos Roam 2 could follow the category lead

Sonos Roam Blue speaker


With excellent microphones built into the Roam, one may wonder why the speaker does not allow for incoming calls. The current function for the mics are to auto TruePlay and tune the speaker’s audio-output to its surroundings accordingly. It also allows users to converse with its built-in voice control assistants to adjust things like the volume. As most portable speakers with Bluetooth and built-in microphones allow phone calls, perhaps an upgrade could follow the category lead.


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Following the launch of the Sonos Roam 2, we also look forward to refreshing upgrades to some other favorites in the Sonos portfolio later this year, such as the Arc soundbar, Sonos Sub Mini and Sonos Era 100 speakers. Furthermore, following the Sonos headphones launch, Sonos will unveil a new TV set-top box.

7 Budget-friendly price tag

Based on previous brand upgrades, the Sonos Roam 2 should be within range

A Sonos Roam speaker on a nightstand, next to a lamp.

The original Sonos Roam launched at $169, a pricey tag if compared to the performance-per-dollar point. But with relatively subtle hardware upgrades, we don’t expect the Sonos Roam 2 to be too far out of the original price range. While we want it to be a great-performing speaker, it still should come at a some-what budget-friendly tag.


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Q: Will I be able to create a stereo pair with my first and second generation Roam speakers?

You will not be able to stereo pair them, but you will be able to group the Roam 1 with your new Roam 2. This means that both are playing the same thing (a mono signal mixed left and right) at the same time. This will enable you to have a detailed stereo separation and a bigger soundstage. However, a Roam stereo pair will not work as surround speakers as part of your Sonos system.

Q: What is the difference between Sonos Move 2 and Sonos Roam 2?

The Sonos Move 2 and the Sonos Roam 2 are both portable smart speakers that operate with the Sonos wireless home sound system. While the Move 2 is a bit bigger with a more robust sound quality for both indoor and outdoor use, the Roam 2 is geared more to on-the-go listening. Both speakers provide: AirPlay 2 compatibility to stream audio from Apple devices, voice control using Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, Bluetooth connectivity in addition to Wi-Fi for portability, automatic switching between Wi-Fi and Bluetooth based on location, and boast a durable, weather-resistant design to play anywhere.

Q: Will Sonos Roam 2 work with the latest mesh Wi-Fi?

Yes, all Sonos speakers will work with any Wi-Fi.

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