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How to turn videos into iPhone lock screen live wallpapers

Key Takeaways

  • Personal style and preferences now shape the iPhone experience.
  • Creating live wallpapers from personal videos is straightforward and customizable.
  • Live wallpapers offer a unique, interactive touch to the iPhone’s lock screen.

Apple’s move from a one-size-fits-all approach to embracing customization marks a significant shift in how we interact with our iPhones. Initially, Apple kept a tight lid on customization, offering only basic options like changing wallpapers and ringtones. This simplicity was part of Apple’s appeal, ensuring a consistent user experience across all devices.

Yet, as technology evolved, so did our expectations for personalization. Users wanted their devices to reflect their personal style and preferences.

Apple responded to this demand by introducing more customization features with each iOS update. The launch of widgets with iOS 14 was a game-changer, allowing users to personalize their home screens and lock screens with various tools and information for the first time. The ability to set live photo backgrounds, aka live wallpapers, is another step in this direction — turning the lock screen into a dynamic, personal showcase. This feature lets users animate their iPhones with their favorite moments and visuals, adding a layer of personal touch.


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iPhone Live photo as wallpaper 2


Why try live wallpapers on your iPhone

Live wallpapers are essentially Apple’s live photos — dynamic backgrounds that animate when you press and hold your lock screen. These wallpapers turn your lock screen into something more engaging than a static image. Setting a live wallpaper allows you to add a personal touch to your iPhones, bringing favorite moments to life right on your lock screen. It’s a simple yet effective way to personalize your device, making it feel more unique and interactive. You can choose from Apple’s built-in live wallpapers or create your own from videos you’ve taken or downloaded.


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Live wallpapers only work on the lock screen – -not the home screen.

How to create a live iPhone wallpaper

Transforming your iPhone’s lock screen into a dynamic display is a great way to personalize your device. Here’s how you can create a live wallpaper from a video, including those special moments you’ve captured or downloaded. (Also, if you want to really take things up a notch, there’s more you can do. Thanks to some changes in the last couple of years, you can now completely change your phone’s aesthetic by following our iPhone home screen customization guide.)

Step 1. Turn any video into a live photo

First, you need to convert a video into a live photo. You can use any video from your camera roll, including downloaded TikTok videos. Here are two methods:

How to turn a video into a live wallpaper for your iPhone lock screen photo 4


Option A: Using a video from your camera roll

  1. Download and launch the intoLive app: Search for “live wallpaper” in the Apple App Store and choose an app like intoLive. It’s free, but a Pro version offers more features.
  2. Select your video: After giving the app access to your camera roll, pick the video you want to convert.
  3. Edit your video: The intoLive app lets you trim the video, add filters, and adjust the speed. Free version limits live photos to 5 seconds.
  4. Create your live photo: Tap Make, choose how many times it should repeat (default is no repeat), and save your new live photo to the Photos app.

How to turn a video into a live wallpaper for your iPhone lock screen photo 3


Option B: Using a TikTok video

  1. Open TikTok and find a video: Locate the video you wish to use as your live wallpaper.
  2. Save as live photo: Tap the Share icon, then choose “live photo” from the options. The video will save as a live photo without the TikTok watermark.

Step 2. Set your new live photo as a live wallpaper

With your live photo ready, you can now set it as your live wallpaper:

  1. Go to Settings > Wallpaper > Add new wallpaper: Navigate through your iPhone’s settings to the wallpaper section.
  2. Select live photo: Choose the live photo you’ve created from the options.
  3. Customize your live wallpaper: Use two fingers to zoom and adjust the live photo on your screen.
  4. Set your wallpaper: Tap Add, then select Set as wallpaper pair to apply it to your lock screen.

Now, pressing and holding your lock screen will play your live photo, turning it into a live wallpaper.

Check out Apple’s
support page here
about how to set live photos as your wallpaper, if you need more help.


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Q: Can I use any video as a live wallpaper on my iPhone?

Yes, you can use any video from your camera roll or downloaded content. Just convert the video into a live photo using apps like intoLive.

Q: Do live wallpapers drain battery life on the iPhone?

Live wallpapers can consume more battery than static wallpapers because they engage the device’s processor and screen more intensively when activated. However, the impact is minimal and most noticeable if you frequently activate the live wallpaper.

Q: Are live wallpapers available on all iPhone models?

Live wallpapers are supported on iPhone 6s and later models, excluding the first-generation iPhone SE. These devices must run on iOS version that supports live wallpapers.

Q: Can live wallpapers be used on both the lock screen and home screen?

Live wallpapers are designed exclusively for the lock screen. The home screen does not support the live photo animation feature and will display the selected live photo as a static image.

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