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Form’s Smart Swim 2 are AR-powered goggles

Key Takeaways

  • Form’s Smart Swim 2 goggles display swimming metrics in real time, enhancing performance monitoring.
  • The wearable features a smaller, temple-based heart rate sensor, providing comfortable and accurate data underwater.
  • A SwimStraight feature assists open water swimmers, enhancing directional guidance without interruption.

While there are numerous waterproof smartwatches available for swimming, they may not always be the most practical choice. They especially aren’t useful for keeping an eye on your performance metrics while actively swimming. Imagine trying to check your stats while doing the backstroke. That’s where Smart Swim 2 comes in. These innovative swim goggles feature a built-in display, allowing you to view your stats without interrupting your swim.

Form launched the first version of Smart Swim in 2019 and has now announced the second iteration, simply named Smart Swim 2. Both versions feature a range of sensors paired with a built-in heads-up display in the right lens so that you can see real-time data while you swim.

Like the first version, Smart Swim 2 features a small box attached to one side of the goggles where the sensors and components live. Form has dubbed this the “tech pack,” which contains an accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, and barometer. The tech pack on the Smart Swim 2 is 15 percent smaller than its predecessor, which should make them more comfortable to wear and more hydrodynamic. Keep in mind that they still lack any form of GPS, so if you want to view distance and pace information, you’ll need to pair them with a compatible Apple or Garmin watch.


Best smartwatches for swimming: Track laps without worrying about water damage

These wearables will track metrics like swimming distance, pace, stroke count, SWOLF, and underwater heart rate.

One of the most significant upgrades to the Smart Swim 2 is an integrated temple-based heart rate sensor. Getting accurate heart rate data in water is tricky. Wrist-based devices typically don’t work very well, and even chest straps can have problems. Plus, it can be annoying to fuss with yet another device. Form promises reliable and accurate measurements, and it will be interesting to see how that plays out. It does cut down on battery life from the original version (from 16 hours to 12), but that shouldn’t be a problem for most. Having your heart rate data displayed right in the goggles will likely be much more of a benefit than four hours of battery life.

Form has also prioritized comfort and fit in the Smart Swim 2. It introduced new proprietary eye seals developed to fit a wider range of facial structures. The extended temple design ensures better stability on the head, thanks to a new connection point for the goggle strap. To cater to different face shapes, the goggles come with five arched nose bridges, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit for everyone.

Not just for pool swimmers

Another new addition to the Smart Swim 2 is SwimStraight. This new feature is a digital compass meant to assist open-water swimmers. It provides a live, in-goggle directional heading as you swim, helping you stay on course. It should keep swimmers from needing to pause and get their bearings. Instead, they can simply keep their heading consistent while looking in their goggles. This feature will also trickle to the Smart Swim 1, as long as you pay for the premium app subscription.

Beyond those physical changes, much remains the same in the Smart Swim 2 goggles. They still feature the same display with a 72 x 40 display resolution and a two-button user interface. You still have the option to choose between a pool, open water, or swim pa swim, and you can select the length of a pool from a list of standard options.

There are over 1,500 pre-built workouts, or you can build your own or import training plans from TrainingPeaks. The Form Smart Swim 2 goggles (and all of its features) have been granted race approval by World Triathlon, USA Triathlon, the Professional Triathletes Organisation (PTO), and Supertri, which is crucial for some athletes.

Initially announced in October 2023, Form has also updated its HeadCoach digital coaching technology. This feature provides “real-time in-goggle access to technique awareness, focused skill development (HeadCoach Skills), and in-app education and analysis,” says Form.

For example, it is able to analyze the pitch and roll of your head or how quickly you turn your head to the side for a breath. It then grades you on these different techniques and can suggest personalized workouts and videos to improve your swimming. The HeadCoach Skills prompts will appear automatically in Free Swim mode, or you can manually build them into custom workouts as well.

The Form Smart Swim 2 goggles are available for purchase now for $249. Your purchase includes a free two-month trial of Form Premium, though if you want access to the workouts, training plans, HeadCoach, TrainingPeaks imports, and SwimStraight, you’ll need to upgrade to Premium after those two months. Premium costs $15 per month, of $99 annually.

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